The new Supreme Court ruling reinforces President Trump’s travel ban preventing Hadi Choopan and other athletes from competing in the United States. Hadi Choopan’s status of being able to compete in the United States for events such as the Arnold Classic or the Mr. Olympia (should he qualify) was always up in the air due to the ongoing conflict of Trump’s travel ban with the Supreme Court. But a new ruling on June 26 has no reinforced the travel ban – and confirms that athletes like Hadi Choopan will 100% not be able to compete in the USA for any bodybuilder competition he qualifies for. This doesn’t only affect Hadi Choopan – there are three other athletes who qualified for the Mr. Olympia that will no longer be able to travel to compete – Omid Skandari, Ali Shams, and Jafar Ghafarnejad.